Income is key in retirement and in building wealth for retirement.

Owning investments that provide a potential stable monthly income is attractive for many. The checks fund retirement living or compound while the asset remains intact. Retirees faced with minimum distributions find net income attractive.

Real estate investment securities are designed to allow investor access to commercial real estate benefits without the burdens of management and personal liability.

Income from other alternative investments may provide similar income benefits. The key is to seek investments that pay you to own them. We seek to be your source.

Master Limited Partnerships invest in pipelines, storage facilities and other oil and gas assets. The rents and fees may provide long term investment income. Current prices are low and may provide an attractive entry point.

Securities based upon real estate assets may enjoy appreciation (or depreciation). If the assets are purchased in a market slump then appreciation may be significant.

Real Estate Investment Trusts, (REITs), as traded on Wall Street, are familiar to many; less familiar are non-traded and private trusts. These may offer tax benefits and stability as well as other desired benefits. We believe that these can provide dependable income with preservation of capital.

Some funds are structured as LLCs with a variety of potential cash flow strategies based on commercial property or on mortgage debt. Those based upon apartment buildings are favored by many while others may prefer retail, industrial or office properties. Our strategies allow inclusion of all asset classes for those seeking balance and diversity.

Access to "institutional" level properties is made possible by many real estate investment securities. "Institutional" means properties customarily bought by institutions such as insurance companies, college endowments, and pension funds.

Investors and retirees have many more investment choices than you may realize. A call or email to Sourcenet Investment Services may be your best investment of the day.