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Alternative Investing: The Endowment Model

Alternative Investing: The Endowment Model

Conventional investing in the past focused on stocks, bonds and mutual funds offering daily liquidity (this meant you could buy and sell every day). Many have found this model unsatisfactory.

University endowments, family offices, pension funds and other large investors seeking capital preservation, income and growth have utilized alternative strategies. Their strategies are referred to as “the endowment model”.

At Sourcenet Investments, we seek to provide investor access to the "endowment model" and similar alternative investments.

Alternatives may include shares in property trusts, oil and gas pipeline partnerships, syndicated loan portfolios, business development corporations and other investment vehicles. Pooled capital invested for the long term may well be a successful strategy.

A key metric is what is owned and what income is produced. Sourcenet Investments believes in hard assets that pay you to own them.

An equally key metric is risk. Every investment has risk even U.S. government treasuries. Conversely some higher risk investments may carry lower risks than expected. At Sourcenet Investments we work with our investors to disclose and understand risk.

At Sourcenet Investments, we seek investments offering attractive risk adjusted returns. These may be unavailable from the major brokerage houses or the advisor may lack the knowledge needed to do a proper evaluation. Contact us to learn more.

Our Primary Purpose

The Endowment Model utilizes similar strategies used by many university
endowments, insurance companies and wealthy investors for capital growth and preservation.

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Alternative Investing: The Endowment Model
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