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Income Strategies

Smart Investing in a Well-Measured Income Strategy

Income is a basic investment goal. At Sourcenet Investments, we search for investments that “pay you to own them.” We believe that our innovative strategy of balanced wealth may prove to be an attractive alternative to conventional strategies. Perhaps it is time to for you to consider us.

The conventional income strategy has emphasized annuities, bond funds and laddered bonds. For those disappointed in these strategies, we offer our approach.

Our income strategy may have many components such as:

  • Real estate investment trusts that distribute net rental income
  • Portfolios of secured syndicated loans
  • Oil and gas royalties
  • Senior commercial secured loans
  • Business Development Corporation shares (BDCs are akin to a mutual fund of loan tranches)
  • Discounted distressed asset funds
  • Hybrid real estate equity and debt funds
  • Energy BDCs
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Funds and Partnerships

A carefully diversified portfolio with a mixture of these investments may well be worth your consideration.


Our Primary Purpose

Let your hard earned money work in concert with strategic, intelligent investment strategies.

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Income Strategies
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